Monday, May 12, 2008

SEO Writers Needed!

SEO Writing: This involves generating articles for web content. No byline. Subject depends on clients' desired topics and keywords. You will be emailed keywords from diverse topics, from healthcare and sleep, travel and home decor, to beauty and investment marketing. As for research, you have the World Wide Web.

Assignments can be in bulks (i.e., of 3-5) or just what is handed out to you. Keyword placement is crucial. Keywords in an article should usually be placed in the title, first and last paragraph, and some instances in the body.

Plagiarized content will not be paid for. You will run your articles through two online checkers: and before submitting them. If your article snags a plagiarism hit on both checkers, then you need to rewrite them.

If you're interested, please send an email at with the appropriate subject line: "Please send me the SEO test." The payment scheme P80 per 400-550 word articles. P100 for 700-word articles is only for starters, once you've improved on your writing and there is no need to edit them, payment offers will go up. You will be informed of the quality of your work every time you submit your work.

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