Friday, February 15, 2008

Columnists Needed! are looking for columnists that might be interested in writing up articles regarding career, finance, success stories, seminars, and self-help tips about money. is the first Philippine website for women, providing information practical tips and advice on a broad range of topics.

If you are a financial advisor or a certified financial planner and are interested to write articles that were mentioned, please contact’s Web Producer, Charmaine Castillo at 631- 7736 or 631-8971 - 75 local 168.You may also send an email to

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foobarph said...

plug: guys, paki review/comment nman yung kabanata 2 sa ginagawa nming kwento... - bukas kasi i re release na yung kabanata 3 kaya we need all the inputs we can have pra mpaganda ang story... salamat po! happy friday sa inyong lahat!