Monday, March 17, 2008

Pioneering Street Magazine Seeks Volunteers

Issued monthly, the Jeepney Magazine joins a trend of street papers aimed at social justice issues. It is modeled after more than two hundred street papers in publication around the world. It is only the second in Asia. To learn more, contact bill@thejeepney. com or go to com. They are looking for: SALES AND MARKETING ASSOCIATES!

Job Description
1. Promote the concepts and ideals of the Jeepney Magazine
2. Network with "clients" to establish partnerships.
3. Generate advertising structure and systems.
4. Generate advertising revenue.
5. Work with management team in building sustainable relationships.

The Jeepney team is also in need of volunteers for the following posts: journalist, photo-journalists and vendor placement volunteers

Remuneration: Negotiable and dependent on experience. Ratewould be base plus commission or otherwise agreed upon. Interested parties may send their comprehensive resumes to bill@thejeepney. com.

1 comment:

GraceMags said...

this is a great concept (i checked their site). i would've loved to come up with something like this. if i didn't have to write for bread on the table, i would love to write for a publication like this.