Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wanted: People Who Can Read and Write

Got this from my Yahoogroup:

If you (or anyone you know) can research, read, understand what you read and write about it, then we want you. Part time and full time employees welcome.

We're expanding operations so we need writers. You can work from home if you have an internet connection. Or you can work in our office in Katipunan. As long as you're not afraid to learn geeky new things and use Google and Wikipedia, you can earn money with us. You will be fully trained and supported to write the articles we need. And you can earn 500-1000 for a couple of hours of work.

Work hours are flexible, you dictate what work load you want and how much you earn. The potentials are endless. And no, we will not suddenly disappear.

Please email if you're interested.

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