Friday, October 19, 2007

The Reason Why I am Here

I love to write and I really enjoy reading blogs of other people. I learn so much from reading blogs and gets quite amazed with the idea that one can get to know a total stranger only by following one’s entries in a blog.
I started quite a few blogs since I discovered (and appreciated) the world of blogging but for some reason were unable to maintain it (uh oh!!). Anyway, this entry is yet another attempt to start and maintain an interesting blog. This idea came to me while in a job fair. The company where I am currently working is one of the major sponsor and we are in charge of the registration area. Apparently not too many people came.
This job fair however is quite fun because of the fact that the computers have internet connection. So in an attempt to find something better to do, I decided to read some of my favorite blogs. After a while I found myself signing up on and thinking of an interesting username for my blog.
So here I am thrilled and happy with my new blog. I know too well that maintaining a blog is not a very easy thing to do. It takes effort, time, and thinking but something tells me I will be able to maintain it this time…

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